Departure 8:00 am bound for Patatoloyo located to 37 km., tourist attractiveness of adventure considered as the chapel sixtina as for the paintings rupestres that it presents. For the reasons zoomorfos, anthropomorphous, geometric and for the red and white colors resembles each other to the culture Sallow. It can also be in the rough and primitive place ceramic, the journey of 25 km. is carried out it in mobility and 8 km. making trekk located to a height of 3550 ms.n.m. Trekking for paths has more than enough rock and earth to caves of paintings rupestres, 5 hours approximately with ascents and descents going and turn.

Trekking to Potolo

Departure of Sucre to hrs. 8:00 am bound for Potolo located at a distance of 55 km. at one time of 2 1/2 hrs. in vehicle, it visits to the indigenous community Jalq’a. An indigenous culture occupies a territory located to the North and East of the city of Sucre. They conform a near population to 20.000 people, they inhabit among the 2500 m. to 3500 m.s.n.m. the strong erosion of the lands of pending discharges, the small earth parcels that don’t always allow the rotation of cultivations and the irregularity imprevisible of the rains, make of the agriculture a scarce and insecure source of revenues. Today the earth can no longer assure its subsistence to the families and the population’s part is forced to emigrate or to look for to work temporary in the cities, the region of the Jalq’a is an open and resolved cheerful town; a town without mystery but with charm, maybe with too much charm for the tourists, tourists that prefer to put in them the mysterious yeast of all the charms as the anthropologists that arrive there.

The agricultural activity, the most important thing the production of fabrics is observed.

Trekking to Quila Quila

Departure with direction Quila Quila to hrs. 8:00 am, old I populate pre incan . In this place they can be sembradios terraces, enormous stones with petroglifos that present forms zoomorfas and anthropomorphous. In this place they can also be tips of arrows. this at a distance of 40 km. of Sucre to a height of 3100 m.s.n.m., the journey in vehicle is of 1 one an a half hour, once arrived to Quila Quila rest, one an a half hour trekking to the marcarume group (petroglifos) distributed around 12 rocks of great size, in this place it is where the great commander’s mortal remains are also buried Don Tomás Katari in January of 1781.

Trekking en el Valle de Cactus

Departure at conventional hour bound for the Cactus, located at a distance of 5 km. of a time of 15 min. in vehicle until crossing Azare. Trekking Azare, Totacoa, Yotala 12 km. at one time of 4 hrs., Lunch. Tourist attraction of a natural landscape, diverse vegetation of cactus, traveled by the Colonial Villa of Yotala.

Trekking to Supay Huasi

Cave in which is paintings rupestres of red and white color, similar to the paintings of Patatoloyo. This at a distance of 18 km. of Sucre in mobility (5km. on foot) and to a height of 3170 m.s.n.m.