These artificial lagoons were constructed by suggestion of the Virrey Don Francisco de Toledo and by virtue of the Real Certificate issued year 1574 by King Felipe II, when the silver had impoverished and no longer it could be treated by the «huayrachinas», then thought in introducing the system of amalgamation with the use of mercury, for it was required of much water to move the metalliferous talents, since the originating ones of the springs of Stonecutting, Chorrillos, San Roque, etc, were insufficient.

These lagoons are in the Eastern region of the city of Potosí, concretely in the skirts of the mountain range of the Kari Kari, were constructed during the colonial time, are famous and of vital importance for the life of the population. Between the most remarkable constructions made by the indohispanos, we have without a doubt some the famous lagoons, the same ones that at the present time present/display valuable services to the city and the mining industry.

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