The Program Includes: Private Transport 4×4 WD – Specialized Guide Bilingual – Box lunch

The Program Does not include : Mineral water, extra Gratuities and drinks

This lagoon is in the Hill of Tarapaya, receives east name by the proximity to the town of the same name. It has the almost perfect form of I circulate and measures 50 m.s of diametro. The characteristic of this attractiveness of thermal water is the conical form that it has, being the unica in its sort in the world, where it emanates from the inner thermal water to high temperatures. These waters provide to the different existing bath in their proximities (the Paraiso, Miraflores, Complex of Tarapaya, etc) .

By the qualities that east type of waters has, they were used from the time of the Incas, is asi that Inca Huayna Kapac, with the purpose of curing itself of some evils that aquejaban it, acudio to this lagoon where it was overwhelmed with attentions by the inhabitants of Cantumarca. By this fact in the part This of the lagoon the construction of a small swimming pool exists that takes the name of «Bath of the Inca». Since then this place frame its importance, which constantly is visited by national and foreign tourists.

The landscape that it surrounds to this lagoon is interesting by the coloration of the hills, which they were the result of the volcanic erociones, in addition by the type to aquatic hot water plants that grow in the borders of the lagoon, which they are a resistance with the existing vegetation in hills.

The lagoon has become natural turistico resource, by the form that it has, by the pleasant temperature of its waters and by its volcanic origin.

Tour a the natural lagoon is located to 21 km of the city of volcanic origin of temperatura a 30° C where you will be able to enjoy a relajante bath.

Tarapaya Lagoon