Departure to hrs. 8:30 towards the locality of Tarabuco located to 65 km to the Southwest of this Capital to 60 km of distance on the highway asfaltada.Su altitude are of 3292 m.s.n.m. and it has a variable temperature of 10° to 25° C. When coming out will be possible to be observed the imposing Churuquella close by, divortion aquarium, near the population of Tarabuco is a denominated place Carts, site where Batalla got rid of «Jumbate» the 12 of March of 1826 when the realists were defeated by the indigenas in the war of the 16 years. Arrival to ****Tarabuco, where the population is of 12,000 people approximately who live towards the Sud This of Sucre.

Their conditions of life are similar to those of the Jalq’a. As they live in independent communities without common political structures, the cohesion that is perceived throughout this territory bases very specially on the general caracterpisticas of the suit and the techniques of the design in rites which they imply dance, music. Tarabuco was founded by the Spaniards on second half of century XVI characterizes by the presence of several native regional communities that maintain their customs and traditions, you you will be able to appreciate the dominical fair and the Pujllay of Sundays, which their typical clothes attend members of the communities shining, to make agricolas product interchanges, to sell his artesanias and textiles, you will be able to observe, she buys memories, and to share this activity from the morning to the first hours of afternoon. Also it will be able to appreciate in the morning in schedule of 10:00 to 2:00 of afternoon a small demonstration of the Pujllay, in the House of Tourism.

Mercado Tarabuco