Duration: (All Days 9:00 and 14:00) 3 1/2 Hours – Minimum 2 people

The Program Includes: Specialized guide bilingual – Tickets for Museums

La Paz, government seat, the city is located on the base of a tube to 3,600 msnm. where the colonial and republican architecture still is intact next to the new constructions that show to progress and modernity; it concentrates in his interior the population synthesis of all Bolivia and their religious celebrations, with dances and typical atuendos of each region of Bolivia, are the alive expression of the multiethnic and pluricultural presence that characterizes to the country.

Within the Sacred Architecture and museums the San Francisco Church concentrates that was constructed in 1549, also has a constructed Metropolitan Cathedral in 1831. At the moment many museums exist but those that excel are the House of the Procter of Independence Pedro Domigo Murillo, Precious metal Museum, Quirquincho Inn, Museum of Tiwanacu, Museum of Etnografia and Folklore also exists Indigenas Markets, Market of Wizards.

Within the attractiveness outside the city Lago Titicaca to a height of 3900 is had msm with its Islands: Island of the Sun, Island of the Moon and others. To borders of the lake is Copacabana that originally was a ceremonial center and of pre-Columbian astronomical observation destroyed by the Spaniards, whose tracks were recorded in the líticas ruins that we found in the outskirts. The gorgeous temple of the Virgin of Copacabana, was constructed during the Colony. The Real Mountain range with snowed of heights that varian between 5500 msnm and 6500 msnm, in addition to Valleys of Nor and Sud Yungas with green slopes, precipices, cascades and one avasallante vegetation, beginning of the amazonian plains. With its pre-Columbian ways (Takesi-Choro) that are an ample road network and perfectly constructed that communicates the plateau with the level fertiles regions of the amazonian ones.

Tiwanacu, civilization which I get to be one of the greatest and outposts of the continent, being the cradle of Andean man.

City Tour & Valley of the Moon

It visits Plaza Murillo where we will find the Palace Presidential, the Legislative Palace and the Cathedral, continuing towards the colonial district to visit the Jaen Street, that is the oldest street and colonial of the city of La Paz and the Costumbristas Museums and Gold Later we will visit Mercado Indigena and the traditional Market of the Wizards, the Smaller Basilica of San Francisco, of estílo baroque mestizo, we will cross the residential districts of the South zone way to the Valley of the Moon, capricious unique place of hydric and Aeolian erosion with formation between crater, carcavas and systems columnares, formation petreas peculiar with done estalagmitas of clay during centuries by erosion and the time, that gives to the visitor a special sensation to be in the middle of a lunar landscape.

La Paz - City Tour