In Nor Eastern part are magnificent recovered temples of the old jesuiticas missions, is true architectonic jewels conserved by the towns that even have cultural manifestations of epoca misional.Interesting and the singular thing is that it is not deals with temples in ruins or left places, but of temples that act their religious as in alive towns. The arquitectonica originality of these constructions, the use of the carved wood, as much in the structure as in ornamentacion, the color and the use of worked material of the place artistic have been reason so that UNESCO has declared to these monuments «Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity». The ex-missions that conserve their temples are San Francisco Javier , founded the 31 of December of 1691 by the parents Jose de Arce and Antonio Rivas accompanied by 2 indigenas guides, dedicated to the Apostol of the Indians being the Piñocas the first reduced Chiquitano town, this mission was transfers 4 times until locating it in the present place in 1708 by the Father Lucas Caballero.San Rafael, founded by the Father Jose de Arce on 1693, formalized in 1696 by the Parents Juan Zea Baptist and Francisco Herbas to borders of the rich Sopoco and transferred by the Father Juan Castaneda to the present place in 1705.San Jose,founded on 1698 to one kilometer of the first foundation of Santa Cruz, by the Parents Felipe Suarez and Dionicio Avila in honor to Dn. Jose Campero. Concepcion, founded on 1698 to one legua of the first foundation of Santa Cruz, by the Parents Felipe Suarez and Dionicio Avila in honor to Dn. Jose Campero San Ignacio de Boococas, there was a fusion of both reductions. In 1711 the father Lucas Caballero died by native puyzoca. Finally the father Juan Benavente in 1722 made the last foundation in the present place. San Miguel, founded by the Father Suarez on 1721 very important one on the arts. San Ignacio, founded on 1748 by the Father Miguel Areijer S. to give capacity missing San Ignacio de Zamucos, I found reduccion of San Ignacio, mainly used by native ugaraño and the zamucos. Santa Ana, founded on 1755 by the Father Julian Knogler.

In the chiquitanas missions the festivales of music take place barroque. During the celebration supervisory groups appear of chiquitanos dressed to uzansa epoca misional in representations of traditional personages like yarituses and the macheteros among others.

Jesuiticas Missions San Javier ( 1 Day )

El programa Incluye: Transporte Privado – Guia Bilingue – Almuerzo – Tickets – Refrigerio

Game of the hotel in the direction of San Javier to hours 7:30 a.m. (225 km.) happening through the populations of Cotoca, Puerto Pailas, Pailon and San Ramon, and other small agricolas and cattle towns, after one 4 hours of trip arrival to San Javier, where we will be able to visit the Jesuitica Mission and its historico Museum, lunch and route to the Countryside in San Javier. Return to Santa Cruz at night.

Misiones Jesuiticas San Javier + Concepcion ( 2 Dias – 1 Noche )

The program Includes: Private transport – Bilingue Guide – Hotel – complete Feeding – Tickets – Box lunch

Day 1.- Santa Cruz – San Javier – Concepcion, departure of the hotel in the direction of San Javier to hours 7:30 a.m. (225 km.) happening through the populations of Cotoca, Puerto Pailas, Pailon and San Ramon, we will visit Santa Rosa who was a Gold mine, breakfast in the passage. Arrival to San Javier, route of 3 hours and 30 minutes on asphalted way. It visits the first Jesuitica mission like a the main turisticos places of the town of San Javier, we will visit the historico museum, lunch, later will continue to Conception, in the route we will take an pleasant bath in crystalline waters from the Sapocó lake where is Represa. Arrival, Has supper and Hotel.

Day 2.- Concepcion – San Javier – Santa Cruz, breakfast; in this second day we will visit the Jesuitica Mission constructed in century XVIII we will know the factories artisan creation and restoration, refacccion of misioneras works. Stroll by the town and its environs, lunch soon to return San Javier. Refrigerio and return to Santa Cruz.

Misiones Jesuiticas San Javier + Concepcion ( 4 Dias – 3 Noches )

El programa Incluye: Transporte Privado – Guia Bilingue – Alojamiento – Alimentacion completa – Tickets – Refrigerios

Dia 1.- Santa Cruz – San Javier – Concepcion, partida del hotel con rumbo a San Javier a horas 7:30 am (225 km.) pasando por la poblaciones de Cotoca, Puerto Pailas, Pailon y San Ramon, visitaremos Santa Rosa que era un Mina de Oro, desayuno en el trayecto. Llegada a San Javier, recorrido de 3 horas y 30 minutos sobre camino asfaltado. Visita a la primera mision Jesuitica como a los principales lugares turisticos del pueblo de San Javier, visitaremos el museo historico, almuerzo, posteriormente continuaremos a Concepcion, en el recorrido tomaremos un baño agradable en las aguas cristalinas del lago Sapocó donde se encuentra una Represa. Arribo, Cena y Hotel.

Dia 2.- Concepcion – San Ignacio, desayuno; partida a las 7:00 am con rumbo a San Ignacio. En el trayecto se observara la fauna silvestre, asi como varias poblaciones, arribo a San Ignacio cerca al medio dia. Almuerzo y acomodacion en una alojamiento del pueblo, por la tarde partiremos con rumbo a San Miguel, centro por excelencia de tallados en madera, al retornar visita a la Iglesia de San Ignacio. Cena y Pernocte.

Día 3.- San Ignacio – Santa Ana – San Rafael – San Miguel – San Ignacio, desayuno; partida a las Misiones de Santa Ana, San Miguel, San Rafael. Almuerzo en San Rafael. Visita a la misiones mencionadas y en San Miguel visitaremos el Colegio donde se encuentran los mejores artesanos en tallas en madera y otros. Retorno a San Ignacio. Cena y pernocte.

Día 4.- San Ignacio – Concepción – San Javier – Santa Cruz, desayuno; retorno a Santa Cruz. Almuerzo en Concepción, siesta, posterior a la siesta visita a la reserva ecologica privada «La Dolorida». Pasamos por San Javier, arribo a Santa Cruz por la noche.

Jesuiticas Missions of Chiquitos