Cal Orcko is an attractiveness for several reasons. In order to begin, the magnitude of the wall is impressive: more than 25,000 square meters, full of impressions of tracks.

The dinosaur tracks and the rest of the turtles, coodrillos, fish and seaweed are of the superior cretácico period is for the specialists something very interesting, until now do not existian rest of that time. In this place we have all the diversity of the dinosaurios shortly before the Earth disappearance. Lime Orcko is a place of superlative paleontological, aqui is the long walk of stroll of more 350 meters in length of saurio predator, considered as the greatest sample of the tracks of the dinosaurios greatest of the world.

The Dinosaur Tracks Maragua – Humaca

Departure to hrs. 8:00 a.m.; this community this located to 47 Sucre, pertaining to the Potolo culture, located to the center of the sinclinal of the same name to a height of 2700 m.s In all the mountainous area that borders the greater town finds calízas of the department, the time of route in vehiculo is of 2 hrs and average, the long walk towards the 4 tracks can last from 3 to hrs. by different footpaths, the town is of a landscape that by its form is similar to the one of a crater, agricola and textile community. Natural tracks of Dinosaurio pertaining to the cretácico period, landscapes.

Huellas de Dinosaurio