The Program Includes : Private Transport 4×4 WD – Specialized Guide Bilingual – Equipment of Security (impermeable Helmet, Jacket and Trousers, Lamps, Boots for Water), Ticket from enter the Mine.

The Program Not Includes: Mineral water, Gratuities and gifts for the miners

Our great and interesting adventure to the Cooperative mines of the Rich Hill of Potosí begins with the visit to the Mining market called the «Calvario» place where hundreds of miners are concentrated to provide with material or necessary equipment of work like being: the ammonium dynamite, nitrate, detonating, carbide lamp, coca large drills, leaves. Where you will be able to take you photograph of the dynamite stores, cocaine leaves and also to acquire presents for the miners.

He will visit three mines, two mines of the Unified Cooperative, Rosary, Candlemas of the Rich Hill of Potosí that date from the colony (centuries XVI – XVII) and one ex-state mine called pailaviri that was a mechanized mine (1952 – 1985), where he will observe and he experienced the exploration system, operation of different minerals like being: silver, lead, zinc, tin and others.

Equipment of visit (lamp, Helmet. Water boots and Raincoats), you will cross the interior of the mine with a good equipment of security provided by the company like being: helmet of security, calcium carbide lamp, water boots, equipment including.

Experience of work of the visitor and souvenir, you will have activities of participation with the miners in the work of the mine, for a experience, as to take photographies in the route and to obtain mineral pieces like a memory of the Rich Hill.

Ti’o and Pachamama (Deities of the Mine), you will participate in the customs, traditions, superstitions of the mines, miners, relation maintained with the uncle and pachamama like being: ch’alla (libation), that is made inside the mine; every Friday after the work with the leaves of Coca, alcohol of 96°, cigarettes and others.

Sacrifice of Llamas, the qaracu, sacrifice with Llamas and fetuses of Llamas; ritual offered to the uncle of the mine (demon), and the Pachamama (mother earth); in the celebrations of Compadres (carnival). Celebration of the spirit (May) and Celebration of ch’alla (1ro. of August) observed the blood spilled on the porch of the entrance of the mine, and mineral deposits, will have an explanation specifies of the sacrifice of the flames in addition will have with us the opportunity to visit two uncles, one small one of the mine ex-publishes Pailaviri, call Modest uncle, and another great of the mine called Rosary uncle Jorge. The uncle (demon) considered like the proprietor of the mine and minerals; relations of these deities with the Miners and vice versa; the work, the production and the Pachamama for the good production and protection to the miners.

Recommendations for the visitor:

– To wear clothes signs light and a handkerchief.– Mineral water or Coca Tail, Chocolate, Candies.– To take for the mining cigarettes, refreshments, cocaine leaves of the Mining Market– Cocaine leaves for the mastication.

Cooperative Mines